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How It All Started For Airmed

My name is Carolina Brandan, I graduated from Medical school in Venezuela and came to the United States to train as an anesthesiologist. I have been working for more than 20 years in Florida. My son joined the Marine Corps and through him, I became aware of the severity of PTSD suffered by our service man and women. I became aware of how deficient the current available medical treatments are in solving these situations. Since then, I have been studying alternative treatments not only for PTSD but also Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Addictions, Chronic depression ( to name a few). The results of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy are far superior and more consistent than the combination of all other traditional therapies. I obtained a certification as Ketamine Provider and Airmed was born with the full confidence that it will live up to the meaning attached to the Irish mythological goddess Airmed was named after.

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