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Our Philosophy And Purpose

As a mother to a son who served six (6) years in the US Marine Corps, he often shared stories of the challenges faced by Marines and other military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The recount of their prolonged battles with the aftermath of combat led me to research the treatment of trauma, dependency, and addiction. 

About 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. It is almost a epidemic.

In 2022 the theme for mental health is Nature. 

Airmed's philosophy and purpose is to provide, with the Ketamine treatment, guidance and a setting for each individual to realize that the power of healing is within each one of us. We offer a safe harbor for a spiritual and deeply transformational experience for a more robust outcome and improved quality of life. 


About Our Clinic

Airmed is a Ketamine Treatment Center with a multidisciplinary integrated approach to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Each person receives an individualized treatment plan comprised of initial physical and psychological assessments, preparation for the recommended treatment, Ketamine infusions or other treatment options, psychological support, integrative coaching on different aspects of daily life and a follow up with booster treatments as often as necessary or desired.

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Carolina Brandan, M.D.

I graduated from Medical school in Venezuela and came to the United States to train as an anesthesiologist. I have been working for more than 20 years in Florida. My son joined the Marine Corps and through him, I became aware of the severity of PTSD suffered by our service men and women. I studied how deficient the current available medical treatments are in solving these situations. Since then, I have been studying alternative treatments not only for PTSD but also Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Addictions, Chronic depression (to name a few). The results of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy are far superior and more consistent than the combination of all other traditional therapies. In 2021, I obtained a certification as a Ketamine Provider in Colorado. I named my practice Airmed, after the Irish mythological goddess of healing. I have full confidence we will live up to these aspirations. 


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