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Your Ketamine treatment is just one important step in the process of healing and rebuilding your life.  In order to facilitate the lasting personal and habitual changes Ketamine therapy can provide, integration plays an essential role.

Any type of transformational experience wouldn’t be possible without the deep and often times difficult work that follows. Integration is a vital, and necessary component of long-lasting growth and development.

Integration refers to taking the gained insights, and emotions you experienced during your treatment, and processing them into your life.  The definition of integration is “bringing parts together to make a whole.”  The effects of a Ketamine treatment by itself will not give the long-lasting effects alone because it is only one part of a two part system. Integration is the second part, and together they make the "whole".

Ketamine therapy experiences have the potential to open up very dramatic or significant ways of being, ways of viewing others, and how you view yourself. It may bring to light new goals you have, things you want to do, say, or move towards.

Once you have these experiences, integration is the process that turns your intentions into reality. It makes your insights tangible.

Solomon Richberg LCSW and Julie Turner have the expertise and experience in the field of integration and we trust them to help you during the second step of the process.

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