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About Us


Dr. Brandan's son served in the US Marine Corps. As a mother, she would listen to her son share stories of the challenges faced by Marines and other military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The recount of their prolonged battles with the aftermath of combat led her to research the treatment of trauma, addiction, mood and anxiety disorders. Approximately 300 million people around the world suffer from depression and anxiety disorders.  It affects every aspect of their daily lives.

Airmed's purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable setting with Ketamine integration therapy and guidance as you work toward a more peaceful and joyful life. We offer a safe place for a deep spiritual transformational experience for a more robust outcome and improved quality of life. 



We are a wellness center that uses a multidisciplinary integrated approach to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Each person receives a personalized treatment plan comprised of an initial physical and psychological assessment, preparation for the recommended treatment, and Ketamine integrated infusions. We also offer psychological support and integrative coaching for different aspects of daily life and a follow up with booster treatments as often as necessary or desired.


Carolina Brandan, M.D.

Dr. Brandan is a highly sought after anesthesiologist who received her medical degree in Venezuela and completed a residency at the highly esteemed Vanderbilt University. Dr. Brandan practiced anesthesiology at Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami. She has over 20 years of experience in medical care. 

Her son joined the Marine Corps and through him, she became aware of the severity of PTSD suffered by our service men and women. I studied how deficient the current available medical treatments are in solving these situations. Since then, Dr. Brandan has been studying alternative treatments not only for PTSD but also Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Addictions, Chronic depression, to name a few. The results of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy are far superior and more consistent than the combination of all other traditional therapies. In 2021, Dr. Brandan completed the required training and obtained certification as a Ketamine Provider. She named the wellness center Airmed, after the Irish mythological goddess of healing. 

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Seann Windfield

Seann is originally from NE Ohio and now calls beautiful Florida his home. He is a Marine Corps Infantry Veteran with multiple tours to Iraq. Seann has fought hard throughout the years with the help of his amazing family to rebuild himself into the loving, and compassionate protector of others he is today. Seann’s life journey led him to cross paths with Dr. Brandon at a very important time in their lives. They have a shared interest in helping others and have been dedicated to that purpose ever since that day. Since addressing the causes of his struggles, Seann is now part of the AirMed family, a coach and ISSA personal trainer at Catch A Lift (a 501© focused on getting our nation’s Veterans to heal their trauma through fitness), and a Kinesiology student at UCF with a focus on becoming a strength and conditioning coach. “Adversity is inevitable, overcoming it is a matter of choice, how we exercise our free will determine the quality of the life we live. Learn to navigate life on your own terms and beliefs. Construct your own Constitution. Strive to become free.”


Julie Turner

Julie found healing within herself when she realized she wasn't being the wife and mother she wanted to be.  "I was easily triggered, never present and always on edge" she recalls.  Her journey led her to insights about her past that shed light on why she acted the way she did and also showed her who she truly is, not who she pretended to be since childhood.  Julie didn't integrate for the first few sessions and kept finding herself needing to "reset" more often that she'd like and that's what brought her to integration and life coaching.  "My family life is completely changed, there is harmony in our home, my husband and I have a much more harmonious relationship and our son feels appreciated and heard.  His "stuff" no longer triggers my past traumas".

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Bailey is our greeter, sniffer and lover of all things.  When he's not on the move, he likes to snooze in the front office.  He loves a back scratch and meeting new people, Bailey understands if someone would rather not meet him and, in those cases, it's a great time for a nap.  

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